Alleged Victim of the Marines Nude Photo Leak Scandal Speaks Out Related STORIES

Purple Heart recipient, Thomas Brennan, recently discovered a Facebook group in which male members of the U.S. Marine Corps shared nude photos and sex tapes of female Marines. “There were a nefarious few that decided to sexually exploit hundreds of women, and create something that could easily be weaponizable,” Brennan said.

One of the alleged victims has come forward to tell her side of the story. Former Marine Kally Wayne tells ABC News that she’s suffered more than a year of torment after her ex-boyfriend allegedly shared a sex tape via the Facebook group. “I felt like my privacy had been taken away from me,” she said. “Having to go through being harassed for every day of my life for the past year because of a mistake I made four years ago is not anything anyone deserves to go through.”

Via ABC News:

“Alleged victims were encouraged to come forward after the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Robert Neller, released a video message on Tuesday condemning the use of the secret page. “It’s embarrassing to our Corps, to our families and to the nation,” he said in a nearly four-minute long address.

Neller said the denigration of women does not reflect what he thinks to be the behavior of “true warriors.”

Unfortunately, since victims of the scandal have begun speaking out, hundreds and maybe even thousands more explicit photos have been shared. In all, Wayne says that she just wants justice and commends the Marine Corps for sticking up for women. “I just want to get justice,” she said. “It’s about time the Marines have been shown they have been doing wrong…I’m glad everyone is ready to stand against it.”

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