Cheetah Print Is Making A Comeback! Related STORIES

Cheetah Print, Leopard Print–it all looks the same to me! Either way you see it, this print is definitely making a comeback!

Cheetah print was everything a few years ago during the Jersey Shore days, and of course the iconic “Cheetah Girl” days. I know I’m not the only one who had errrthang Cheetah print! From my bedding and pillows, to my shoes and clothes, I was DECKED in the print. Some of y’all even got cheetah print tattoos but that’s none of my business.

Cheetah was never OUT out for me as I low-key still have a lot of things with the print like my beloved morning slippers and robe. That being said, the trend definitely slowed down and it’s been picking up lots of steam lately!

The Cheetah/leopard print has found its way back on the fashion scene in 2019 and we’re here for it! You know issa comeback when all the looks we’ve gathered are only from the past week or two!! SWIPE and let us know how and if you’ll be rocking your Cheetah too Roommates!

From the classic cheetah print color palette:

Getty Images

To the same print, but different colors:

Even the fellas know wassup!

Will you be rocking your cheetah prints too?

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