‘It’s Above Me Now’ All 2019!!! Related STORIES

#Roommates, be real. How many times have you quoted #ItsAboveMeNow in the last few days?

Our new favorite clapback comes from a viral video we shared of a young black hotel employee responding to a woman who was seeking a room but was being denied after calling the employee the n-word over the phone.

Well you know #BlackTwitter has made this man a hero and we thank him for giving us the newest saying of 2019. You can watch the original video below:


Of course social media found a way to use this saying in any given situation and we got on our job to round up the best of those memes and tweets. SWIPE to check out our favorite memes of the iconic incident and let us know how you’ll be using, “It’s above me now.”


TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh & Jade Ashley @jade_ashley 94


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