#TSRUpdatez: LeSean McCoy And Delicia Cordon Were Reportedly Scheduled To Appear In Court Prior To Alleged Abuse Related STORIES

Earlier today, a friend of Delicia Cordon posted to social media to blast NFL player LeSean McCoy for allegedly beating her, among other allegations. McCoy quickly responded and denied the claims and said he has had no contact with her for months.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, McCoy went to court in June seeking a judge order to force Cordon to move out of a home he owns in Alpharetta, Georgia. In the documents, he said, “Defendant is the ex-girlfriend of owner/plaintiff and refuses to leave.”

Both McCoy and Cordon were reportedly scheduled to appear in court today, but that had to be pushed back due to a medical emergency involving a member of her lawyer’s family.

The site reports that also in the documents, Cordon told the court that she and McCoy discussed marriage back in May and he gave her a “substantial gift.” She reportedly went on to say while McCoy left for organized team activities (OTA’s)  and she left town for a graduation.

While she was away, she saw some of McCoy’s family and friends removing her belongings throughout a live security camera feed. She called the police and they put a halt on the movement of her things.

There are also reports of McCoy allegedly shutting off the electricity in her place, which has placed them in a bad place since.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.


Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/07/10/lesean-mccoy-investiagtion-domestic-violence-attack/

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