When The Side Becomes The Main: RG3 Proposes To Girlfriend Weeks After Finalizing His Divorce From His College Boo Related STORIES

Ladies it’s important that you keep your man close because sometimes the side chick becomes the main chick, and it’s you’re a** that ends up on the side!

Y’all remember the woman Robert Griffin left his wife for last year? Well Roommates, it looks like Grete Sadeiko has won over RG3’s heart because he asked her to marry him.
The Florida State University track star said yes and posted a statement on Instagram saying,

“Today was the happiest day of my life and the last 8 months have been the most exciting time ever.”

She also said, “We are one month away from welcoming our beautiful baby into this world.”

The news must be devastating for RG3’s ex wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, since the two recently finalized their divorce, and not to mention that Grete is part of the reason they’re no longer together.

According to TMZ,  RG3 met Grete about 7 months after Rebecca gave birth to their daughter. Their relationship started on Instagram and got real when Rebecca caught wind of it. The two ended up separating shortly after but Rebecca tried to save the marriage but it was clear RG3 had moved on.

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