#WhereTheyAtNow: 106 & Park’s Blind Fury Is Still Spittin’ Rhymes! Related STORIES

#Roommates, I’m about to take you back to the days of after school snacks and music videos on the T.V., not YouTube.

Picture this: It’s Friday and you just slid your backpack off and hopped on the couch. None other than #106AndPark is on your TV and it’s #FreestyleFriday. There’s a great chance ya boy #BlindFury was on the mic battling.

Fury, who has been blind since he was a child, was arguably the most memorable battle rapper from the 106 and Park era. He dominated the competition, winning week after week with insane, clever rhymes. Well we caught up with Fury and it’s no surprise that since his Freestyle Friday appearances, he’s still dedicated to the music and has some new projects dropping.

He has put out a catalog of music and he’s going to be dishing out more.

“Still in the studio every chance I get, at this point I would say I have 45 or 50 unheard tracks but I’m gonna start letting them fly by the end of this year so there should be two or three projects from me coming in 2019,” Fury said.

TSR: How have you adjusted to the fame from your freestyling? Do people still recognize you in public?

Fury: It’s all good with me although sometimes it does get aggravating but I’m not complaining. I prefer the AYE Fury what up & keep it moving rather than the can I get a pic & the kick a freestyle for me … LOL  …. either way it’s all good & it is what it is.

TSR: What do you think was your most memorable appearance on 106 and Park?

Fury: They all were memorable to me but if I had to pick, I would have to pick 2 & those two would be my first time with Diddy egging me on which led to me winning the 1st battle & my last time with Jadakiss,Styles P, Swizz Beatz & Jim Jones judging the battle which led to me winning the whole freestyle battle title for the year.

TSR: Do you think battle rap is a dying art? What would you say to young rappers interested in pursuing battle rap?

Fury: No. I don’t think it’s dying at all. I actually think it’s a part of hip hop that’ll always be around in the UNDERGROUND.It may get a big look every once in awhile in the mainstream but it’s always there UNDERGROUND and real hip hop heads that really love this s*** know that battle rap is always gonna be part of the culture. So to any young rappers pursuing battle rap,all you gotta do is Hit The UNDERGROUND & you’ll find it. (Get ya bars up first tho) LOL

TSR: What are you working on now?

Fury: In talks with some people about a TV show based on my everyday in the life of type of thing.There’s nothing concrete yet,the ink is dry tho but we’ll see how it plays out. On the music side of things I’m just trying to pick a nice batch of joints to come with in the next few months.

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TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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